482 Visa Requirements

482 Visa Requirements

The TSS visa, or 482 visa, is a temporary visa that permits the holder to live in Australia, while working full-time for the sponsoring employer, in a nominated occupation that is listed on the Short Skilled List or Medium Long Term Skilled List.

TSS Visa Requirements:

You are required to:

  1. Have a job offer.
  2. At least two years experience in the position.
  3. Genuine intention to work in the nominated position.
  4. Qualifications that are relevant to the position.
  5. Adequate arrangements for health insurance.
  6. Meet health, character and English requirements.

TSS nomination (position) requirements:

  • A genuine, full-time position.
  • Work in the sponsor’s business, unless an associated entity.
  • A salary in line with market rates, not below $53,900.
  • Subject to Labour Market Testing, unless exemptions apply.
  • On the relevant occupation lists.

There is no age limit for a TSS visa however, there is for Permanent Residency. If you are granted a visa in an MLTSSL occupation and intend to apply for permanent residency after three years of working for the same sponsor, you will need to be under 45 at the time of lodging your permanent residency application; unless you meet the exemptions.

There are three streams applicable to the TSS 482:

The Short-Term Stream:
Applicants with occupations on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) may be eligible for visas of up to two years, renewable onshore once, for a further two years, and potentially renewable for an additional two-year period if applying from offshore. You must continue to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements;

The Medium & Long-Term Stream and Regional Stream:
Applicants on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL) can apply for up to four years (with eligibility for permanent residency after three years, depending on meeting age, English, Health and Character requirements);

The Labour Agreement Stream:
The TSS 482 visa subclass involves a three-step process:

  • a sponsorship application by the employer.
  • a nomination application for a skilled position by the employer.
  • a visa application by the proposed employee.