482 Visa

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS Visa) Subclass 482

In our current era of globalisation, there are instances when the skilled labor’s need surpasses the available workforce within one nation’s border. Australia and many other countries have devised diverse visa programs that lure talents from other nations via different procedures. One such program that falls under this category is ‘Temporary Skill Shortage Visa or 482 visa’. Australian employers are allowed to sponsor foreigners with necessary expertise that is not available in the local candidates. This was after 457 visa was replaced by the 482 visa in March,2018 and it consists of three streams. These include Short-Term, Medium-Term and Labor Agreement stream. This article is written to provide readers an in-depth understanding of the 482 visa, mainly highlighting eligibility requirements, work conditions for employers as well as those holding such visa.


The requirements for a 482 visa must be met by the applicants if they expect to be eligible. It involves being sponsored by an approved sponsor, being fluent in English language, meeting the fitness level as well as moral character required and possessing all the qualifications relevant to one’s area of specialisation. Such requirements ensure that only those who will make a meaningful impact on Australian workforce will be given visa. The 482 visa offers an opportunity to stay and work in Australia for visa holders temporarily. However, it is important for visa holders to be aware of certain limitations including work restrictions and visa duration. The duration of the 482 visa varies depending upon the stream and occupation, with possibilities for extension or in exceptional cases, conversion to permanent residence.


  • Visa holders under the 482 program are allowed to work and live in Australia temporarily.
  • They must have to follow the job restriction and visa duration restriction strictly.
  • Depending upon the occupation and the type of visa, extensions might be permitted.
  • Visa holders under the 482 program are permitted to work and live in Australia temporarily. They do have to follow job restrictions and visa duration restrictions.
  • Depending upon the occupation and visa stream, extensions might be allowed, with potential roadmap to permanent residency in actual scenario.


There are mainly three types of 482 visa:
  • Short-Term Stream
  • Medium-Term Stream
  • Labor Stream Agreement
Australian companies have the capability to sponsor skilled workers in the Short-term stream to cover short-term skill gaps. Permanent residency is not an option for visa holders; they can only stay for maximum one or two years, with little possibility of a one-time two-year extension. The Medium- Term Stream, which targets jobs considered important in the long race, permits up to four years and even several more years extensions. The labor agreement stream, like the Agreement stream for the 457 visa, allows for several renewables of up to four years without need of English language proficiency standards or occupation list.
Among the main pillars of Australia’s immigration system is the 482 visa, which effectively responds to the changing talent needs of the country. For fulfilling both short and long term skill shortfalls, Australia’s demand for temporary and permanent immigration are summarized by the 482 visa system. Diverse streams which are designed for meeting the varying skill requirements allows talented workers to enter Australia while guaranteeing their contributions meet the Australia’s economic goals. 482 visa has become capable of doing such  by making strict qualifying requirements, favourable employment conditions and adaptable streams. In general, the 482 visa system addresses both temporary and permanent migration, highlighting both short and long-term skill shortages in Australia.

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